FAGE "Plain"

FAGE Plain

Directed by Lauren Indovina and Eben Mears. Designed at PSYOP by Lauren Indovina. 



FAGE Plain styleframe

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FAGE "Plain" was created in February 2010 for the launch of Fage Greek Yogurt in the United States. Agency Mullen tasked us with concepting their Willem Dafoe, Seussian-styled VO to create a visual language that told a metaphorical story of the idea "Plain." With a production time frame of 5 week, the commercial is primarily live action with some CG components. To achieve the seamless integration of live action and CG, PSYOP NY teamed with Reel FX in Los Angeles, CA, where we shot a mixture of liquid effects, live action talent in a tank on the Warner Brothers lot, melting wax, and a live action cow. It features the voiceover of Willem Dafoe. Fage "Plain" won the following awards: 

ADC 2012 (Won: Gold) , AICP 2012 (Won: Design, Permanent MOMA Collection)  AICP Short List 2012: Visual Style, Design, Agency Art Direction, Copywriting, Clio 2012

Client: FAGE
Spot Title: Plain
Agency: Mullen, Boston
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
Creative Director/Copywriter: Brian Tierney
Director of Design/Art Director: Kevin Grady
Executive Director of Integrated Production: Liza Near
Producer: Mary Donington
Group Account Director: Brett Eaton

Production Company: Psyop / Smuggler
Director: Psyop
Creative Director: Eben Mears
Creative Director: Lauren Indovina
Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Line Producer: Karen O'Brien
Post Producer: Carol Collins
Director of Photography: Christopher Doyle
Production Designer: Richard Bridgland
VFX Supervisor: Vico Sharabani
3D Lead: Pakorn Bupphavesa
3D Team: Chris Bach
3D Team: Dave Barosin
3D Team: Eban Byrne
3D Team: Miguel Salek
3D Team: Alek Vacura
Composite: Elad Offer
Composite: Kirk Balden
Composite: Mark French
Composite: Tim Farrell
Composite: Jeen Lee
Editorial: Psyop
Editor: Vico Sharabani
Editor: El Ohayan
Music & Sound Design: Pivot Audio
Composer: Guy Amitai
Audio Post: Audio Engine
Sound Design/Mixer: Rob DiFondi

c. Lauren Indovina, PSYOP 2010