The Raveonettes  Heart Of Stone

Characters designed by Lauren Indovina. Directed by Chris Do. Produced at BL:ND, 2009.


Raveonettes Heart Of Stone Lover

Raveonettes Heart Of Stone

Raveonettes Heart Of Stone Chemist

Raveonettes Heart Of Stone Eden's Body

Raveonettes Heart Of Stone

Raveonettes Heart Of Stone Eden

Raveonettes Heart Of Stone

Raveonettes Heart Of Stone

Raveonettes Heart Of Stone

Raveonettes Heart Of Stone

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The Raveonettes "Heart of Stone" is a music video Directed by Chris Do of BL:ND LA. 

From the BL:ND site:

... The tragic character in our latest music video for alt-rock band, The Raveonettes, demonstrates the consequences of denying your emotions. A man’s unexpressed agony at the loss of his lover incites a chain reaction of inner chaos and turmoil that a female character, the representation of his inner self, unsuccessfully attempts to quell. His broken heart is turned to stone.
The video, set in a fantastic illustrated world, portrays the epic journey of a heartbroken man rambling across a unique and beautifully stylized landscape – a subtle blend of Pop Surrealism and Victorian/Steampunk aesthetic.

This music video has won the following awards:

62nd Primetime Emmy: Individual Achievement in Animation (Art Direction), Official Selection for Hollywood Film Festival 2010, Official Selection for Red Stix Animation Festival 2010: Pixie 2012: Platinum Award

Client: The Raveonettes
Music Video title: "Heart of Stone"
Agency: Vice Records/The Orchard
Creatives: Sune Rose Wagner, Sharin Foo
Producer: Jamie Farkas, Scott Cohen

Director: Chris Do
Production Company: Blind, Inc.
Creative Director: Chris Do
Executive Producer: David Kleinman
Post Producer: Dana Vaden
Art Director: Chris Do
Designers: Chris Do, Ivan Cruz, Lynn Cho, Chris Marcet, James Levy
2D Animators: Lawrence Wyatt, Jason Kim, Michael Relth
3D Animators: Chris Marcet (character), Michael Relth (character), Jason Kim, Lawrence Wyatt, Alan Torres
Technical Director: Jason Kim/Lawrence Wyatt
Compositors: Lawrence Wyatt, Chris Do, Michael Relth, Jason Kim
Lighters: Jason Kim, Lawrence Wyatt, Greg Gunn, Alan Torres, Chris Marcet
Riggers: Chris Marcet, Jason Kim
Modelers: Chris Marcet, Jason Tsai, Nick Smith
Effects Artist: Lawrence Wyatt
Storyboard Artist: Chris Do, Alex Preston
Matte Painters: Bruno Werneck, Alex Preston, Wendy Park
Character Designer: Lauren Indovina
Illustrator: Michael Relth (Character Designer/2d effects), Jason Tsai (Texture Artist), Jason Kim (Texture), Wendy Park (illustrator), Kiwon Jung (Texture), Chris Do (Texture)
Production Designer/ Art Director: Thom Schillinger, Michael Zimmerman, James Levy
Hair & Makeup: Michael Relth (digital hair), Jason Tsai (digital makeup)
Editor: Ivan Cruz, Chris Do
Music: Raveonettes

c. Lauren Indovina, BL:ND 2009