3M Post-It Colors of the World

Directed at PSYOP by Lauren Indovina.


3M Colors of the World pitch design frames


3M Colors of the World pitch design elements shoot

Created by Lauren Indovina, Sam Ballardini, Eunice Kim, and Jonah Friedman

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3m Post-It Colors of the World was created by Grey Advertising and PSYOP to celebrate the launch of Post-It Brands new product line "Colors of the World". Four vibrant cities are showcased in the ad using color to symbolize the feeling of travel. The world is entirely built in post implementing a realistic scale to construct a world using blocks of Post-It notes. 



Produced at PSYOP. December 2013

Director: Lauren Indovina
Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Producer: Ave Carrillo
Production Design: Jonah Friedman, Lauren Indovina
Pitch Design: Samantha Ballardini, Lauren Indovina, Eunice Kim, Pete Sickbert-Bennett
Lead Technical Director: Will Robertson
Lead Lighter and R&D: Jonah Friedman
Lighter: Justin Burton, Cody Chen, Jonah Friedman, Chris Wilson
3D Animator: Eric Chou
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan, Michael Deweese
Lead Compositor: Gabriel Regentin
Compositing: Markus White, Dave Chen, Tim Regan
Editor: Victor Barczyk