There is no place I'd rather have been than in the studio at PSYOP during the late 2000's/ early 2010's. The design environment was fierce as f----. The design team at PSYOP consisted of a combination of wildly gifted designers. It was like some sort of artists haven—you just worked your ass off and along the way you found cool ways of doing sometime, others would as well, and you'd share your new tools.

It was as competitive as it was nurturing. As a result, I found myself working weekends—not on PSYOP jobs, but on improving my craft FOR PSYOP jobs. I took the skills I learned from the week and applied them to exploring these portraits on the weekend. They ended up being a way in which I could understand more of my direction in the arts, advertising and film—through these "painting" exercises",  I became to understand was that my visuals were almost always character based, stylized, and designed with meaning.