The Cîroc Vodka campaign was created in the Spring of 2013. It officially aired in June 2013. It features two ads that highlight the brand's flagship flavor "Snap Frost" and its flavors lineup, "Peach", "Red Berry" and "Coconut".  An additional spot was created for the launch of the new Cîroc flavor "Amaretto" which will air when the product is distributed in Fall, 2013.

Working directly with Sean "Puffy" Combs, the spokesperson and CEO of Cîroc Vodka, we developed a visual style that would give Cîroc the opportunity to showcase their unique product: Vodka that is made from french grapes, five times distilled.

An additional and important aspect of branding this campaign featured the Cîroc bottle packaging with a distintive circular marble emblem described as being "As good looking as my grammy." We couldn't agree more.

In "Taste the Truth" the majority of the shots were created practically applying motion control rigs and high speed cameras to capture the essense of flavor in the fruits and the liquor.

"Snap Frost" was created using a mixture of CG and live action elements, blended together to bring to life a sense of a frosted frozen landscape revealing the Snap Frost bottle, an alternative to the traditional product and pack shot.


Client: Diageo
Spot Title: Snap Frost and Taste the Truth
Agency: Sean Combs, Blue Flame
Chief Creative Officer: Yucel
Producer: Cornell Brown
Group Account Director: 

Production Company: Psyop
Director: Psyop
Creative Director: Eben Mears
Creative Director: Lauren Indovina
Executive Producer: Lydia Holness
Producer: Anna De Castro
Director of Photography: Massimo
Production Designer: 
VFX Supervisor: Joerg Liebold
3D Lead: Alvin Bae
3D Team: Dave Barosin
3D Team: Jon Lee
3D Team: Oliver Castle
3D Team: Miguel Salek
Composite: Thomas Panayiotou
Composite: Manu Gaulot
Composite: Tim Regan
Composite: Tobey Lindenback
Composite: Nick Tanner
Editorial: Cass Vanini

Music & Sound Design: 
Audio Post: 
Sound Design/Mixer: 

c. Lauren Indovina, PSYOP 2011