"EMERGE" / Director's Cut



Watch Again


I always wanted to work on title sequences and when this job came in for Showtime's "Penny Dreadful", I fell in love with the creative tone. Unfortunately, the sequence was pulled last minute. Bummer.

That was until Psyop's managing director, Lucia Grillo, a prophetic manager and siren at PSYOP, made the call that we should complete our vision, omit the original branding, and make it a director's cut/Psyop showpiece. I was beyond grateful this beautiful work didn't die. 

The result reflects incredible craftsmanship, but also, the effort of the pack to complete something dark and beautiful. It helped us sail and expand PSYOP's brand a bit better and we had fun in the process. After all, what's disappointment without a silver lining. 


Director: Lauren Indovina
Producer: Jen Cadic
Executive Producer / Managing Director: Lucia Grillo
Concept / Art Director: Jason Forrest Hogg
Production Company: PSYOP
CG Lead: Christian Bach
Concept design: Jason Forrest Hogg
Designer: Lauren Indovina
Lead Animator: Pat Porter
Lead Lighter: Jonah Friedman
Lighter: Andy Hara
Lead Compositor: Nick Tanner
Compositors: Bo Kim, Tobey Lindback
FX Artists: Christian Bach; Eban Byrne
Modeler: Bryan Eck
Rigging: Zed Bennet, Frank Naranjo
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Type Animation: Brian Sensabee
Editor: Cass Vanini, Robert Wilson
Sound Design: Tobias Gosfield
Composer : Tobias Gosfield
Sound Mix: Cory Melious