FED EX Enchanted Forest

Lead Design at PSYOP by Lauren Indovina. Directed by Marie Hyon and Marco Spier. 


FED EX Enchanted Forest Fox

FED EX Enchanted Forest Bunny

FED EX Enchanted Forest Two Headed Owl

FED EX Enchanted Forest Lair

FED EX Enchanted Forest Animal

FED EX Enchanted Forest Rabbit

FED EX Enchanted Forest Environment Style One

FED EX Enchanted Forest Environment Style Two

FED EX Enchanted Forest Ballsack Mouse

FED EX Enchanted Forest Mouse

FED EX Enchanted Forest Twig and Grass Friends

FED EX Enchanted Forest Moss Friends

FED EX Enchanted Forest Rat 

FED EX Enchanted Forest Fox Vagabond


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FedEx "Enchanted Forest", created in the Fall of 2011, was Directed by Marie Hyon and Marco Spier of PSYOP NY. The original pitch was led by myself, Lauren Indovina, and Jon Saunders. During our pitch phase, we were drawn to the darker tonality of Grimms Fairy Tales or Pan's Labyrinth, with a forest that was quiet and calm, but beautiful and esoteric. Ultimately, the aesthetic became more merry and whimsical.

A good portion of our time in design is spent working collaboratively, and this process was really key to coming up with the aesthetic of the FedEx characters. One designer would bring an interesting set of aesthetics to the table, and another would riff from that and come up with something new. This led us to a more eclectic set of characters whose clothing design drew from Victorian, to turn of the century, to 1960's jazz. Every character was given its own look and feel. The key to unifying these characters to make them feel a part of the same world was to make the proportions of all animals a little offbeat and unusual, at times making the proportions so traditionally wrong, that they actually felt right for this spot: the bunny's waist is impossibly small, or the mice are so fat, they are basically ball sacks with small hands and feet.

Once awarded, Marie and Marco shot plates of live action forest while Jon and I worked on developing and designing the language and look of the characters and environment. The project has since won the following awards:

AICP 2012 (Won: Animation, Permanent MOMA Collection)  AICP Short list 2012: Visual Effects, Agency Art Direction. Clio 2012 (Won: Gold, Animation) ADC 2012 (Won: Silver, Animation)


Client: FedEx
Spot title: Enchanted Forest
Agency: BBDO, New York

Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars

Executive Creative Directors: Greg Hahn, Mike Smith
Executive Producers: Amy Wertheimer, Diane Hill

Sr. Creative Director/Art Director: Nick Klinkert

Sr. Creative Director/Copywriter: Tom Kraemer

Creative Director/Copywriter: Chris Beresford-Hill

Executive Music Producer: Rani Vaz
Production Company: Psyop/Smuggler

Director: Psyop

Psyop Creative Directors: Marie Hyon, Marco Spier

Psyop Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo

Psyop Line Producer: Donald Taylor

Psyop Senior Producer: Crystal Campbell

Smuggler Executive Producer/Partner Patrick Milling Smith
Smuggler Executive Producer/Partner Brian Carmody
Smuggler Executive Producer/COO: Lisa Rich

Smuggler Executive Producers: Allison Kunzman, Laura Thoel

Smuggler Live Action Producer: Donald Taylor

Lead Designers: Lauren Indovina, Jon Saunders 
Designers: Naomi Chen

Editor: Cass Vanini

Director of Photography: Fredrick Elmes

Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan

Lead Technical Director: Alvin Bae

Lead Compositor: Nick Tanner

Lighting Pipeline Technical Director/Still Photographer: Jonah Friedman

Modeling: Helen Choi, Soo Hee Han, Dave Chen

Rigging: Zed Bennett, Amy Hay

Previz: Pat Porter, Kitty Lin, Chris Meek, Minor Gayton
Animation: Pat Porter, Amy Hay, Roman Kobryn, MinSeok Jeon and Stephanie Russell, Michael Shin

VFX Supervisor: Joerg Liebold

VFX: Dave Barosin, Miguel Salek

Lighting Team: Alvin Bae, Helen Choi, Soo Hee Han, Chris Wilson

Hair: Jonah Friedman, Andy Hara

Lead Tracking: Joerg Liebold

Tracking: Mark Lipsmeyer

Matte Painting: Denis Kozyrev

Lead Compositor: Nick Tanner

Compositors: Jason Conradt, Adam Flynn, Thomas Panayiotou and Jonathan Podwill

Flame: Nick Tanner

Roto: Trace
Footage Transfer: Katabatic
Music House: Human
Audio Mix: Sound Lounge
Mixer Tom Jucarone

c. Lauren Indovina, PSYOP 2011