BECK's Serenade





Beck's "Serenade" is a Super Bowl XLVII ad designed and directed at PSYOP in collaboration with Ad Agency Mother, London. It aired during the Super Bowl XLVII on February 3, 2013. 

Mother tasked our PSYOP team with creating a stand out spot about a Black Moore goldfish who falls in love with a shiny red sapphire on Beck's Sapphire beer bottle.

With a 3 week time frame, we designed, directed and produced the ad, creating a surreal, David Lynchian Twin peaks inspired curtain space for our hero to croon the object of his affection.

The commercial was originally designed as a black and white film, with simple, subtle ques of rich red sapphire and golden hues of beer. It ended up being redesigned with red curtains.  

Additionally, the spot featured the Blackstreet hit "No Diggity", remixed by Chet Faker, which quickly moved to the top of the featured tracks on iTunes.

Client: AB InBev
Spot Title: Serenade
Agency: Mother
Production Company: Psyop
Director: Psyop
Creative Director: Eben Mears
Creative Director: Lauren Indovina
Executive Producer: Lydia Holness
Producer: Ave Carrillo
Assistant Producer: Jeff Bybee
Designers: Lauren Indovina, Anh Vu, Alex Dietrich
Editors: Russell Costanza, Cass Vanini
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Lead Technical Director: Pakorn Bupphavesa
VFX Supervisor: Joerg Liebold
Animation: Anthony Travieso, Stephanie Russell, Kitty Lin, Alex Dietrich, Pat Porter, Ryan Moran
Modelling: Todd Daniele, Bryan Eck
Rigging: Parzival Rothlein, Dave Thomlison
VFX: Todd Akita
Lighting: Ed Manning, Jonah Friedman, Justin Burton, Andy Hara, Coddie Chen, Jonathan Lee, Jacob Slutsky
Lead Tracking: Bogdan Mihajlovic
Compositing: Thomas Panayiotou, Tobey Lindback, Boaz Livny, Ryan Raith, Tim Regan
Flame: Greg Cutler, Aniello ZampellaLive Action Company: Pack Horse
Executive Producer: Charlie Watson
Production Manager: Lou James
First Assistant Director: Marco Ciglia, Director of Photography: Tim Green, Motion Control: George  Theophanous, Stop Motion Control: Jay Mallet, Props Master: Adrian JendroszMusic & Sound Design: Factory Studios London
Sound Designer: Jon Clarke
Executive Producer: Lou Allen
Sound Mix Compay: Heart City NYC